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Magic Martin's Magic Wand Pack

*Please not the price above is for a bulk buy of 10 or more otherwise the packs are £2 each.

The Tricks

Rubber Wand
Wand from Card Box
Super Magnet Wand
Sticky Wand

the wand is 10" long
making the pack 10" x 4"
beautiful gloss instructions
Video tutorial 
packaged in a clear sealed bag

Brand New Party Favour only...

£1.85 a pack*

We are very excited to introduce our brand new party favour that will get all the children buzzing with magical excitement. These packs have 4 great wand tricks for them to learn and also supplied is a magicians wand.

The massive bonus with this product is a video  tutorial of the tricks can be found in the secret magicians only area below.

Below you will find the video tutorials for the tricks that come with the Wand Pack, so if the children find it hard to follow the instructions they can always see the trick and the secret behind the tricks on here. This will be mentioned at the end of the party by Magic Martin and the link to this page is also on the pack.

This video should only be viewed by magicians that have taken the Magic Martin oath! and promise to keep the secrets to themselves for ever & ever!! I hope you enjoy learning these cool tricks.